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Invader ZIM biographies


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Battery Clerk


Major Appearances: Game Slave 2

Quote: "Batteries? 50th floor."

Affiliation: Battery Store

See also: Iggins

While on the search for batteries for his GS2, Iggins winds up in a massive skyscraper that sells batteries. The front desk clerk tells Iggins that batteries are on the 50th floor. She bears a striking resemblance to Tess from Jhonen's comic Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.



Major Appearances: Career Day -- The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Quote: "Count Cocofang is a actual vampire, just like Frankenchokey is an actual... franken... thing."

Affiliation: Paranormal Investigations

See also: Count Cocofang

Bill is Dib's partner on career day. He's a paranormal investigator who believes in things like C.H.U.M.S, Psychic Lawn Gnomes, Vampire Lemurs, and Frankenchokey. He doesn't believe in Bigfoot, ghosts, dinosaurs, or the alien Equinox theory. He wants to prove that Count Cocofang is a real vampire.

Billy Slunchy


Major Appearances: Parent Teacher Night

Quote: "My mom won't shut up about me! It's really embarrassing."

Affiliation: Skool

See also: Ted Slunchy, Mrs. Slunchy, Mongo Slunchy

Billy is the crybaby of the Slunchy family. He was kicked off of the soccer team for crying too much. His mother often shows pictures of this, which causes Billy to cry. He also wet his pants when he overheard Dib screaming about being fused with Bologna.

Biscuity Goodness


Major Appearances: Lice -- Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: "Itching! In my braaain!"

Affiliation: Skool- Mr Elliot's class

See also:

See Mr. Elliots' seating chart.

Bitey-headed Fly


Major Appearances: The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever

Quote: none

Affiliation: Experiment

See also:

Dib performed an experiment with Gaz's favorite stuffed doll Bitey the Vampire, placing its head on a fly's body 3 Christmases prior. The fly still lives in the neighbor's yard.



Major Appearances: Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy -- Bloaty's Pizza Hog -- Gaz, Taster of Pork

Cameos: Door to Door

Quote: "Come to Bloaty's Pizza Hog! We got games! We got Bloaty! We got Pizza! What more you askin' for!?!"

Affiliation: Bloaty's Pizza Hog

See also: The Animatronic Horrors

The mascot for the restaurant "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" is a man in a bloated pig suit. The man inside the costume is even fatter than the pizza hog he dresses as. He was once a hobo, but he was randomly selected by the Bloaty's Pizza Hog restaurant to be the Bloaty mascot. He gets all the pizza he wants, plus a room in the back of the restaurant.



Major Appearances: Abducted

Quote: "Everyone else they kidnap escapes but I'm so heavy now, so disgusting!"

Affiliation: Space

See also: Abductors

One of the only prisoners who didn't escape the abductors was a blob creature. It only has nubs for arms and lacks legs so it can't get anywhere on its own. It has been 'fused' with many objects, so now it questions its identity. The blob tells Zim how to escape, expecting Zim to help it.



Major Appearances: Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: none

Affiliation: Skool- Mr Elliot's class

See also:

See Mr. Elliots' seating chart.

The Blotch


Major Appearances: Mysterious Mysteries

Quote: none

Affiliation: the paranormal, Mysterious Mysteries

See also: Mysterious Mysteries Host, Yoa

The Blotch is a fat naked man who sits on a throne in a small stone room. He speaks only in gibberish and occasionally screams. Yoa was told by some aliens to go to the Blotch so she left with some of the other members of the Children of the Bright and Shinning Saucer to commune with the Blotch.



Major Appearances: Attack of the Saucer Morons

Quote: "Bless the corns on my toes!"

Affiliation: Children of the Bright and Shinning Saucer

See also: Desmond Flapp, Trudy, Yoa

This member of the Children of the Bright and Shinning Saucer wants Zim to bless the corns on his toes. Boll was one of the saucer morons who went to see the Blotch.

Brain Parasite


Major Appearances: Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars

Quote: none

Affiliation: Experiment

See also:

Zim's latest attempt to destroy the humans involved a brain parasite which would suck out the brains of all humans once let out on the surface. Zim kept it in a sleeping state in a large tank until it was time to let it out, though the tank levels needed to be adjusted constantly. It breaks out and latches onto Zim at the end of the episode.



Major Appearances:

Quote: "I dunno, Z. Zim's bein' kinda wacked, yo!"

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' class

See also:

See Ms. Bitters' seating charts, season 1.

Bus Driver (city)


Major Appearances: Walk of Doom

Quote: "This ain't a free ride little man."

Affiliation: City

See also:

The city bus driver is a bulky woman with a gap in her teeth. She kicks Zim and GIR off when they don't have bus fair. Zim and GIR later return with money earned in the park but don't stay long when the bus gets stuck in traffic.

Bus Driver (skool)


Major Appearances: Dibship Rising

Quote: none

Affiliation: Skool

See also:

This skool bus driver screams in terror at the sight of Dibship, who tips the bus trying to enter.