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Invader ZIM biographies


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Major Appearances:

Quote: "Dude. Dude! I kept my underwear on for a month once and it kind of smelled like he does!"

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' class

See also:

See Ms. Bitters' seating charts, both season 1 and 2.

Carnival Ride Creatures


Major Appearances: Mortos Der Soulstealer

Quote: none

Affiliation: The occult, experiment

See also: Mortos

While trying to prove that he is not a mooch, Mortos demonstrates his powers by turning several carnival rides into giant monsters which then engage in battle.

Chuck and Buck


Major Appearances: MegaDoomer


Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also:

Chuck and Buck are two children who have a robot war with toy robots in a sandbox. Chuck has a lobotomy scar. Chuck is a poor sport and quits playing after Buck counters his missile attack with a wave pulse. GIR then runs up and eats their toys.



Major Appearances:

Quote: "I'm gonna punch you in your wormhole!"

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' class

See also:

See Ms. Bitters' seating charts, both season 1 and 2.

Chuy Rodriguez


Major Appearances: The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Quote: "My name is... was... Chuy Rodriguez. I lived... I laughed... I loved!"

Affiliation: Chicky Licky

See also: Eric, Maria

A former Chicky Licky employee, he is now the horrible Chickenfoot. He is the man who would stand in front of the restaurant in a Mr. Chicky Licky suit to help draw in customers. One day, Eric and Maria got dirty dishwater on the microwave while in a potato argument. The microwave sent out deadly waves at Chuy and it made him think that he had fused with chicken. Dib made him go to the hospital in exchange for a dirty chicken toy from the restaurant where Dib eventually got the chicken suit off of Chuy.

Coach Walrus


Major Appearances: Vindicated!

Quote: "Your screaming was amusing for awhile, Dib, but now you're just scary!"

Affiliation: Skool

See also: Mr. Dwicky

The skool coach who resembles a walrus, Coach Walrus sets up a bludgeon ball match between Dib and Zim. Dib manages to knock off one of Zim's contacts, but everyone accepts Zim's explanation of pinkeye. Due to Dib's whining, Coach Walrus sends Dib to skool councilor Mr. Dwicky.



Major Appearances: Hamstergeddon

Quote: "But General, I couldn't fire a missile at that fooby little face. Could you?"

Affiliation: Military

See also: General, Missile Guy, Ultra-Peepi

The colonel is a military leader caught under the hypnotic cuteness of Ultra-Peepi.



Major Appearances:

Quote: "Processing, PROCESSING!"

Affiliation: Zim

See also:

Zim can give commands to the computer from anywhere in his house or Voot Cruiser, and the computer will obey.

Conventia Announcer


Major Appearances: The Nightmare Begins -- The Frycook What Came From All That Space

Quote: "Wiggle your antennae in salute..."

Affiliation: The Irken Empire

See also:

The Conventia Announcer is an Irken (?) who wears a helmet and robe and broadcasts all over the planet Conventia. He gives instructions to the Irkens going to the great assigning.



Major Appearances: Attack of the Saucer Morons -- Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain -- MegaDoomer -- Walk for your Lives

Quote: "Can mobile homes rampage?"

Affiliation: City Police Force

See also: Officer Squidman, Officer

One cop was forced into driving off the road and into a Weenie Stand when ZIM flew the Voot Cruiser at him head on. That cop later appeared arresting Iggins. The fat cop and lobotomy cop went after the GIR-house. Lobotomy cop later appeared trying to shoot down the MegaDoomer. The fat cop later appeared as the cop Dib tried to walk towards in Walk for your Lives. Other cops with larger roles are Officer Squidman and Officer Pembrey.

Count Cocofang


Major Appearances: Career Day

Cameos: The Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

Quote: "Bleeeah! Eat CocoSplodies!"

Affiliation: Breakfast Cereal

See also: Bill

The breakfast cereal mascot for CocoSplodies, Count Cocofang is a cartoon vampire with one fang and a taste for fudge. Paranormal Investigator Bill has always suspected that the Count is an actual vampire and his suspicions where confirmed (at least for him) when Dib accidently led him to Buns Market, where an actor portrayed Count Cocofang. Bill persued the Count Cocofang impersonator with a stake in his hand.

Countess Von Verminstrasser


Major Appearances: Lice

Quote: "You can't see the full extent of the problem! It's much bigger than you know!"

Affiliation: Skool

See also: Delousing Assistants

Ms. Bitters summons the Countess to get rid of the lice. She is a professional delouser and she quarantines the entire skool. During her stay, she finds evidence that supports her theory that lice come from a lice queen. She finds the lice queen and uses Zim's skin (in liquid form) to wipe out the hive.



Major Appearances: Hobo 13

Quote: "Curse you, Zim!"

Affiliation: Space- Hobo 13

See also: Sergeant Hobo 678

This Hobo 13 squad member is an alien made out of crystals. During the laser trench run, Zim reprogrammed the lasers to lock on her so that the rest of the team could get through. She almost made it through, but got eliminated in the last stretch.

Cutest Kid


Major Appearances: The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever

Quote: "But, Mr. Santa? Before I go to my doom... can I have a hug?"

Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also:

An excruciatingly cute child asks for a hug from Zim, causing his Santa suit to take over. The suit picks up the child but then throws it by accident.

Cyborg Squirrels


Major Appearances: Tak: The Hideous New Girl -- The Girl Who Cried Gnome

Quote: none

Affiliation: Experiment

See also: Robot Gopher

Aparently an experiment of Zim's due to their presence in his lab in The Girl Who Cried Gnome, these squirrels first appeared in the very beginning of Tak, the Hideous New Girl dancing on the window seal as Dib watches in terror.

Cyborg Zombie Soldiers


Major Appearances: Zim Eats Waffles

Quote: none

Affiliation: Giant Flesh-Eating Demon Squid

See also: Giant Flesh-Eating Demon Squid

Zim's rampant squid experiment assaults Zim with an army of robots at its disposal. Zim fights back the squid and its minions with a scepter-like device. The cyborg soldiers later storm into Dib's room and crush his equipment.