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Invader ZIM biographies


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Da' Cone


Major Appearances: Planet Jackers -- Future Dib

Quote: "Preeeeetty..."

Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also: Revolti

Da' Cone is a teenager who carries around a pink ice cream cone and has ice cream smeared on his mouth. He stargazed with Revolti and later yelled at Prof. Membrane, wanting his free power.

Dancing Weenies


Major Appearances: GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff

Quote: "Dance with us, GIR! Dance with us into oblivion!"

Affiliation: GIR's horrible mind

See also:

While on a mission to implant cows with dooky, GIR begins imagining some nicely dressed dancing hot dogs that ask GIR to dance with them.

Darlene O'BooBoo


Major Appearances: Mortos Der Soulstealer

Quote: "Hiii!"

Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also: Mortos

Darlene O'BooBoo works at the carnival, where Mortos Der Soulstealer hits on her.

Death Bee


Major Appearances: Attack of the Saucer Morons

Cameos: Walk for your Lives

Quote: none


See also: Robot Bee

This bee caused Zim's Voot Cruiser to crash and later caused the Voot Carrier pig to crash. Because of this, Zim plans on hunting down the bees after he has finished off the humans. The death bee was later seen landing on a flower in Walk for your Lives.

Deelishus Weenie Employee


Major Appearances: Tak: the Hideous New Girl

Quote: "Uhh, we have chili beans!"

Affiliation: Deelishus Weenie

See also: President of the Deelishus Weenie Corporation, Tak

An employee works in the Deelishus Weenie stand in order to make it look like just another food stand and not the tool of destruction it really is. He is oblivious to the whole thing.

Deelishus Weenie President


Major Appearances: Tak: the Hideous New Girl

Quote: none

Affiliation: Deelishus Weenie

See also: Deelishus Weenie Employee, Tak

Tak captured him in order to gain an identity that she could use to help her in converting Earth into a snack planet. She keeps him in a containment jar and only lets him out when he is needed to perform speeches or public service and the such.

Delousing Assistants


Major Appearances: Lice

Quote: "Using... mind tricks!"

Affiliation: Skool

See also: Countess Von Verminstrasser

The delousing assistants help the Countess in her battle against head lice. It was one of the Countess' assistants who discovered that Zim's skin killed lice.

Desmond Flapp


Major Appearances: Attack of the Saucer Morons

Quote: "The pig form perhaps represents mankind's... pig-like affinity... for exploration."

Affiliation: Children of the Bright and Shinning Saucer

See also: Trudy, Boll, Yoa

Desmond is an ugly bearded man who leads the saucer morons and is the one who sees Zim out of disguise first.



Major Appearances:

Quote: "See Gaz, to defeat my enemy I must study my enemy, then become my enemy, then move in with my enemy, then wear my enemies clothes, then..."

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' Class, Membrane Labs, Swollen Eyeball Net

See also: Professor Membrane, Gaz

Dib is the only Skool child who realizes that Zim is an alien, and he is obsessed with proving it to everyone. He wears a black coat, has glasses, and a shirt with a little face on it. He was on the roof when he intercepted the transmission from Conventia. He is always trying to prove Zim is an alien by exploiting his weaknesses, like pointing out that he's green and has no ears, or asking why he's surprised to see rain. He and Zim are head to head, and neither will stop until one of them succeeds. He is also a member of the "Swollen Eyeball" conspiracy theory group, where he is known as Agent Mothman. Prior to his discovery of Zim, Dib was already heavily involved in the paranormal. He is unpopular at Skool and has no friends.

Dib's Girlfriends


Major Appearances: Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom

Quote: none

Affiliation: Holographic Creations

See also: Dib

In Zim's holographic simulation of Dib's life created to find out if he threw the muffin, Dib goes through different girlfriends in nearly every scene.



Major Appearances: Dibship Rising

Quote: "I spotted your fake Dib-double, Zim! You already tried that once before and it won't work this time either!"

Affiliation: Dib

See also: Dib

Formerly Tak's ship, Dib implanted his own personality into the spittle runner after it crashed in his yard. Unfortunately, the ship gained too much of Dib's personality into the ship and it thought it was the real Dib. Zim found out about Dibship and decided to use it against Dib by taking control of its Irken power core. After a struggle between Dib and Zim, Dibship sides with Dib but decides it can't bear having Dib's personality and erases itself.



Major Appearances: Bestest Friend

Quote: "I was born with webbed fish toes... like some sort of horrible fish boy. Wanna see?"

Affiliation: Skool

See also: Keef, Mathew P. Mathers III, Melvin, Gretchen

Dirge is one of the kids at the 'rejects' table in the cafeteria. He just wants to show people his deformity, but everybody gets creeped out when he offers to show it to them.



Major Appearances: Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: none

Affiliation: Skool- Mr Elliot's class

See also:

See Mr. Elliots' seating chart.

Dramatic Reenactment Actors


Major Appearances: Mysterious Mysteries

Quote: "Hey new kid, give me your lunch moneys!"

Affiliation: Mysterious Mysteries

See also: Mysterious Mysteries Host

For several dramatic reenactments in the Zim recording episode of Mysterious Mysteries, actors portraying Dib, Gaz, Zim, and GIR were used. There were also actors playing bushes. GIR added several more additions to the cast for his version of the story, including Stacy (the chubby lady in the bushes that he posed as on the show), a giant squirrel, and bad guys on the squirrel's home planet.