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Invader ZIM biographies


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Hairy Kid


Major Appearances: Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy

Quote: "I'm a regular kid! I just want to eat grubs!"

Affiliation: Skool

See also:

Dib tries to get up-close footage of a child completely covered in hair. The child claims he's a regular grub-eating kid, but Dib looses the footage when his camera is replaced with a rubber piggy. Is the child a big foot baby, or just a hairy kid? You decide.

Hall Monitor


Major Appearances: Dark Harvest

Cameos: The Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

Quote: "The cooing! The cooing!!"

Affiliation: Skool

See also:

He makes sure everyone has a hall pass, and has a head mounted eyepiece to authenticate it. He is full of organs, and probably wouldn't notice if he was missing a few. He was later seen on Halloween guarding the hallways. He almost caught Zim but Zim put a trash can over his head.

Ham Demon


Major Appearances: Tak, the Hideous New Girl

Quote: none

Affiliation: Tak

See also: Tak

Zim defeats an evil Ham Demon in order to get photos of Tak's giant Weenie Stand.



Major Appearances: Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: none

Affiliation: Skool- Mr Elliot's class

See also:

See Mr. Elliots' seating chart.

Hobo 1


Major Appearances: Battle of the Planets -- The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Quote: "Hey, we're all doomed, remember?"

Affiliation: City

See also: Eric

A hobo screams out that everyone is doomed when Mars can be seen approaching Earth's atmosphere. When everyone stopped to look at Mars and marvel at it, he reminded them that they were all doomed. He later appeared at Chicky Licky, demanding slaw (even though he had his slaw).

Hobo 2


Major Appearances: Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: "The whole ordeal turned me into a hobo!"

Affiliation: City

See also:

Another hobo (whose name is actually Hobo) who is completely out of his mind. He twists the stories of others claiming that they happened to him as well, in a bizarre attempt at relating to others. Dib talks to Hobo inside McMeaties.

The Hogulus


Major Appearances: Hobo 13

Quote: none

Affiliation: Hobo 13

See also: Sergeant Hobo 678

A large meat-thirsty beast, the Hogulus lives in a cave deep in a canyon on Hobo 13. Zim and his team must pass through this canyon, so Zim uses Skoodge as a distraction. Skoodge eventually escapes and runs to the Fortress of Pain, but the Hogulus follows. There, the Hogulus grabs Hobo 678 in its mouth and carries him away.

Horrible giant squid


Major Appearances: Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy

Quote: none

Affiliation: Membrane Studios

See also: Walton Chunky

A team of scientists on "Probing the Membrane of Science" demonstrate what could have happened if they sent a giant squid into the past to stop Breakfast Chunks from ever being invented. This could be accomplished with temporal object replacement technology, but then there would be giant fishes in bear suits and tasty breakfast squids as a result of altering the past.

Hugh Monstro


Major Appearances: Parent teacher Night -- Walk for your Lives

Cameos: Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom

Quote: "Hey! That kid's throwing punch!"

Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also:

A large veiny individual, Hugh is a sight to see. He was the parent that lead the angry mob against punch-throwing Dib. He also interviewed Dib in Zim's life simulator. While trying to sell meat to Rob Hummel, a man in a wheel chair fell on him and caused some of his meat to fly to the Spooky Chihuahua, who dragged it away.

Hummelflesh, Destroyer of Worlds


Major Appearances: The Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

Quote: "We brought him for you! His neck flashes and everythang!"

Affiliation: Nightmare World

See also: Nightmare Monsters, Nightmare Bitters

Hummelflesh served as the leading nightmare monster until he brought back Zim instead of Dib and was condemned to the realm of eternal screaming and restlessness by Nightmare Bitters. He enjoys eating.