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Invader ZIM biographies


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Table-Headed Service Drone Bob


Major Appearances: Hobo 13

Quote: "You can serve yourself from now on!"

Affiliation: The Irken Empire

See also:

An extremely short Irken service drone, Bob has a table strapped to his head and he walks around serving drinks. The Tallest force him to bet 6 hundred thousand monies that Zim will succeed in his training on Hobo 13, despite the fact that he only makes 5 monies every 2 years. He is ecstatic when Zim completes his training successfully, but the Tallest end up sending him on a one way trip to the sun along with Zim.



Major Appearances:

Quote: "Man, Dib! You think just 'cause someone's different, you can call them an alien?"

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' class

See also:

See Ms. Bitters' seating charts, season 1.



Major Appearances: Tak: the Hideous New Girl

Quote: "The plan I have in store for this nasty rock will so impress the Tallest that they'll have no choice but to make me an invader!"

Affiliation: The Irken Empire

See also: MiMi

Tak is an Irken who wanted to be an invader. When she went to take the test on Planet Devastis, Zim caused a major blackout while trying to obtain snack food. Tak got trapped in a pod and she missed her test. Now, 50 years later, she has tracked down Zim and wants to take his mission. She disguises herself as a Skool child and the daughter of the president of the Deelishus Weenie corporation. Tak has the ability to hypnotize humans with a flash in her eyes (with the aide of an implant in her brain), but it doesn't work on Dib or Gaz. She flies a custom ship made from a Spittle Runner wreck she found while working as a janitor on Planet Dirt.

Ted Slunchy


Major Appearances: Parent Teacher Night

Quote: "Try these cookies! My wife made them."

Affiliation: Neighborhood

See also: Mrs. Slunchy, Billy Slunchy, Mongo Slunchy

Ted was at Parent Teacher Night along with his sons Billy and Mongo. He offered Zim's RoboDad some cookies his wife made, causing the parent decoys to go berserk. Ted works as a reporter.

Television Cyborg


Major Appearances: MegaDoomer

Quote: "What I'm trying to say, SIIIIIR... is that he was like no man I've ever SEEEN!"

Affiliation: Television

See also:

When GIR runs into the old folks home in search of a power outlet, a television plays a show with a cyborg in it.

The Letter M


Major Appearances:

Quote: "All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing bigfoot in your garage!"

Affiliation: Skool- Ms Bitters' class

See also:

See Ms. Bitters' seating charts, both season 1 and 2.



Major Appearances: Hobo 13

Quote: "Throbulator... feel NOTHING anymore!"

Affiliation: Space- Hobo 13

See also: Sergeant Hobo 678

This squad member is a creature of pure headache. He is the only team mate to make it all the way to the Fortress of Pain with Zim. Zim uses him as a club to open the doors to the Fortress of Pain, smashing his head and eliminating him.

Torque Smacky


Major Appearances: Dark Harvest -- Rise of the Zitboy -- Future Dib

Quote: "My dad can fit a potato in his mouth."

Affiliation: Skool

See also:

Torque is a jock who enjoys carrying weights around the skool. When Zim harvested organs, Torque was one of the last to have all of his innards. Dib was unable to stop Zim from taking Torque's lungs. Zim later used Torque as his strong arm when he hypnotized the students with Pustulio.



Major Appearances: Gaz, Taster of Pork

Quote: none

Affiliation: Skool- Mr Elliot's class

See also:

See Mr. Elliots' seating chart.



Major Appearances: Attack of the Saucer Morons

Quote: "The pig belongs to all mankind!"

Affiliation: Children of the Bright and Shinning Saucer

See also: Desmond Flapp, Boll, Yoa, Starchunk

A bulky woman who is a lead participant among the saucer morons, Trudy stops Zim from reaching his voot cruiser. She later wrestled with Zim for control of the pig voot carrier. Zim tossed her down but in the process lost part of his disguise.



Major Appearances: The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Quote: "I thought you were one a those darn kids after me lucky neck meats!"

Affiliation: Neighborhood- Sweaty Pits

See also: Chuy Rodriguez

A resident at the Sweaty Pits apartment complex, Dib mistakes this Irish fellow for Chickenfoot and chases him to his home. There he reveals his gargantuan neck meats along with his identity: Turkeyneck. He thought Dib was after his lucky neck meats.