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The Resisty


The Resisty is a small group of aliens allied against the Irken Empire and bent on stopping Operation Impending Doom II. They appear in the episode Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars where they attempt to overcome the Massive. They would also have appeared in the untitled season 2 finale if it wasn't cancelled.


The Resisty make their first move with a Vortian ship, using it to confront the Massive. It is no match for the Massive and would've been blown up immediately in normal circumstances. The Vortian ship was armed with 4 laser blasters on the tips of its wings as well as one larger laser cannon at the back of the ship. It has shrinky self destruct technology, which was put to use when it was caught in a pull towards Earth.

When the Resisty abandoned ship, they left in the Vortian ship's escape pods. 

Name: Lard Nar

Lard Nar is a Vortian from the conquered planet of Vort. He leads the Resisty. He commands the ship from a chair attached to the wall by a mechanical arm, allowing him to swivel around. Back in the day, Lard Nar worked for the Irkens in a military research station on Vort. He made the preliminary designs for the Massive, although Vortian Prisoner 777 made the final designs.


Name: Shloonktapooxis
Lard Nar's right hand cone, Shloonktapooxis mans the laser cannon and makes the most comments. He thought 'the Pirate Monkeys' was a good name for the resistance.

Name: Spleenk

Spleenk is full of bad ideas which Lard Nar uses for some reason. He suggested attacking the Massive, which almost got them all killed, and he also suggested the name 'the Resisty.' He went into a spasmic fit when the ship was being pulled towards Earth.

Name: unknown

This member of the Resisty is a little green blob guy who vomits all over herself all the time.

Name: unknown

This member of the Resisty has 3 heads. He set the blob guy upright after it fell over.

Name: unknown

This member of the Resisty is a bug-like alien with 4 legs and no arms. Its appearance resembles a more insectoid version of the Irkens.

Name: unknown

This alien wears a cloak that obscures what it looks like.

Name: unknown

Another member of the Resisty.

Name: unknown

This alien lacks a head, but has its brain floating where its head would be.

Name: unknown

This alien race is very robotic in appearance. There are at least 2 of them on the ship.

Name: unknown

There are a good deal of this type of alien on the Resisty ship. Spleenk pushes through the crowd of them whenever he has something to say.

Name: unknown


A few of these big-headed aliens sit at consoles. One of them activates the shrinky self destruct.