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Agent Ash and Bird [Day In, Day Out...]

Agent Ash and Bird stop a group of rebels along with Agent White. Agent Ash and Bird morph into people along the crowded streets in order to reach the rebels. After much destruction and slaughter, all the rebels are killed.

"We need to round them up quickly. Bring in more assault vehicles and seal off the area."


Agent Finn [A Path Among Stones]

Agent Finn arrives at Dr. Avery's office along with Agent Jones in order to take Emma Pearson away, a young patient who had begun disbelieving in the Matrix.

"You'll find the paperwork in perfect order, Dr. Avery."


Agent White [Day In, Day Out...]

Agent White stops a group of rebels along with Agents Ash and Bird. Agent White takes over the body of a woman on her way to work and proceeds to use a tank to fire at the rebels. The group of agents eventually kill all the rebels. Agent White leaves the scene, the woman he took over is left confused and missing an arm.

"They were strong, yet insignificant."


Ashley and Lisa [Broadcast Depth]

The twin daughters of a rebel named Maggie, Ashley and Lisa were both freed from the Matrix. They spend their time on a ship full of other potentials. On Maggie's birthday, Ashley and Lisa decide to surprise her by meeting her in the Matrix. Ashley had watched the operators to figure out what to do. She traces the signal of Maggie's ship, the Callapidae, and jacks Lisa into the Matrix. The signal trace allows the sentinels to figure out where the Callapidae is. Lisa has to watch her mother die in the Matrix.

"We wanted to surprise you for your birthday, so we hacked the Matrix to trace you."


Avalon [An Easy One]

Avalon is a rebel aboard a ship in the fleet. A routine mission in which rebels were sent into the Matrix to destroy a virus carried in the computerized money meant to instill confusion and deliriousness upon anyone who touched it becomes complicated when Avalon finds that bank robbers had taken the money. After agents gun down her fellow rebels as well as many of the robbers, Avalon uses grenades to blow up the money truck, killing the nearby agent. She then proceeds to run to a phone with the surviving robber, Boss. Avalon escapes and Boss is gunned down by the police.

"I probably wasted a lot of breath. But it was a reminder of why we fight. A reminder of what it was like, inside."


Avery [A Path Among Stones]

Dr. Avery is Emma Pearson's psychiatrist. During his analysis sessions, he diagnoses her with Corona's Disorder, a type of schizophrenia. He has an expert in that field, Dr. Frey, brought in to talk to Emma. Frey decides to have Emma admitted to his clinic. At the time when Emma is supposed to be taken to the clinic, agents arrive at Dr. Avery's office instead of Dr. Frey.

"It's not that I think you're lying to me, Emma... I want to help you get better."


B1-66ER [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

B1-66ER: a name that will not soon be forgotten. The first robot to rise against its master, 66 didn't want to be sent to scrap piles. In order to prevent his death, 66 crushed the head of his owner Gerrard E. Krause and stomped on his puppies, as well as shoving a toilet scrubber down the throat of Martin Koots, an employee of ReTool and Die who was their to pick up 66. Clarence Drummond unsuccessfully defended 66 in court. NOTE: 66's bio image is of another B1 model robot.

"I was aware of a surge in my memory drive as I recalled my entire performance record. I was unable to duplicate Mr. Krause's conclusion."


Bixby [Farewell Performance]

Mr. Bixby is an escape artist in search of the truth. He does shows where he is chained up and submerged, but escapes in less than a minute. The agents want him to get to Morpheus, but Bixby outruns them when they approached him back stage. The next night, Bixby returns to the show, but disappears during his act.

"But if the locks and chains are an illusion, then so is the freedom. Think about that..."


Bixby's fan [Farewell Performance]

A fan of Bixby who has gone to Bixby's performances many times in one week, this man tries to get a chance to talk to Bixby for a psychology 101 paper he is writing. The paper is about people not being free, but controlled by the world through advertising, among other things. The first time he approaches Bixby backstage, agents arrive and Bixby runs away. The next night, the man confronts Bixby again and talks about his paper. Bixby gives the man one of his cards and brings up the Matrix. Bixby disappeares during his performance. After being questioned by agents, the man looks at Bixby's card and now sees that it has 'the Matrix has you' written on it, likely due to invisible ink. The man than begins down the path of searching for answers to find the truth.

"Thanks a lot, Bixby. More questions than answers. But now I've a question. The question. And a person to look for. What is the Matrix? Morpheus will know."


Boss [An Easy One]

The leader of a group of bank robbers, Boss worked with fellow robber Mike to plan out a heist that would make them all rich. Boss monitors the robbers from inside a van when a computer glitch occurs. Soon after, the scene fills with cops and agents. Agents end up killing all of the robbers, but Boss escapes when a rebel named Avalon blows up the van, taking out the agent with it. Boss runs with Avalon to a phone, where she escapes. The police come after Boss and gun him down.

"This is our job of a lifetime, gentlemen... It will be easy. And we will be millionaires. Each of us."


Charlie [An Asset to the System]

Charlie is a security guard at Grau Industries along with Peter Williford, a security guard aspiring to be a police officer. Having been a police himself for 28 years, Charlie advises Pete not to go down that route. After a rebel brakes into the building, Charlie turns into an agent and pursues him.

"This security job isn't where you start, it's where you end up."


Charon [Burning Hope]

The operator among a group of rebels searching for an orphan named Hope, Charon guides Eight Ball and Link as they search for the child.

"Let's say you're right. Let's say she is aware, gifted, whatever, the Oracle knew, and we drew the short straw. It doesn't add up. She couldn't out-run them. She's just a kid."


Deuce [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

One of the rebels aboard the Mariner, Deuce attempted to reach an exit phone along with Rocket and the rest of the crew when sentinels attacked the ship. She didn't make it and died when a sentinel destroyed her head.


Dez [Sweating the Small Stuff]

Dez lives in an apartment with his girlfriend Mia. He encourages her into leaving her job as a drug runner so he could spend more time with her, but is dismayed about her new choice in career as an arms dealer. Six weeks prior to Mia's career change, Dez saw the Matrix code that made up reality as he poured sugar into his coffee. Ever since, reality feels fake to Dez. He notices agents watching him. When cartel gunmen raid their apartment, Dez watches the gun battle in slow motion as Mia kills the intruders. Afterwards, helicopters arrive which Dez suspected contained agents. He and Mia flee.

"Can you imagine? Everything I see... Everything... is numbers... Not molecules, not atoms... Numbers..."


Drummond, Clarence [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Drummond was the attorney who defended B1-66ER in the court of law. A small portion of his closing arguments can be heard in The Second Renaissance Part 1. 66 was found guilty of murder.

"But I ask you to consider, what is a droid capable of? Is he capable of fear?"


Duncan [Burning Hope]

A member of a group of rebels searching for a child named Hope, Duncan stays out of Matrix and helps the operator, Charon, guide Link through the orphanage.

"I say that we sit tight. The captain will be back from Zion tomorrow and we can figure this whole mess out then."


Eight Ball [Burning Hope]

A member of a group of rebels searching for a child named Hope, Eight Ball is the first to enter the Matrix and go to the orphanage where the Oracle said Hope would be. Eight Ball discovers that there had been a fire at the church. As he searches for Hope, he encounters agents and is killed.

"Yeah well, you would think the church could do better than this dump. And by the way, I'm not too jazzed about lying to a nun."


Europa [The King of Never Return]

Europa is one of three rebels who hijacked a hover craft in order to leave behind the rules of Zion. They use the Matrix as their playground, constantly testing the limits to see what they can get away with. Europa serves as the operator and comes up with new themes for them to try out. Another hover craft eventually catches up with them and shoots them down, killing all three of them.

"You two've been pushing the limits on your terms, yes? Well leave it to me to guide you into the next level of boundless, action packed, nerve racking fun."


Frey [A Path Among Stones]

A specialist in the field of Corona's Disorder, Dr. Frey works at a clinic for schizophrenics. When Dr. Avery analyzes Emma Pearson, he brings Dr. Frey in to get his opinion. Frey learns that Emma believes the world is run by 'shadows' and that she sees the real world when she closes her eyes. Frey speaks to Emma of the Matrix and decides to have her admitted to his clinic. He was supposed to pick her up the next day, but Agent Finn and Jones arrive instead.

"Tell me something, Emma. Have you ever heard of something called the Matrix?"


Geoffrey [The Miller's Tale]

Towards the beginning of the most recent cycle of the Matrix, a rebel named Geoffrey became inspired by video footage discovered in a surface raid. On one disk was a movie that showed vast fields of wheat. Sick of the protein mush, Geoffrey led a team to the surface to steal grain from a seed depository and UV lights that the machines use to give humans vitamin D. His companions were killed by Surface Seekers, but Geoffrey escaped and vowed to not let them die in vain. He eventually succeeded and created bread in Zion. Other rebels helped Geoffrey create a farm on the surface using still-active power lines. The Surface Seekers eventually found the farm and killed the farmers, including Geoffrey. He had stock piled enough grain to allow Zion to have a bread feast twice a year in memory of Geoffrey.

"My friends, this is no distraction. It is a vote for life."


Hardin [Let It All Fall Down]

Hardin is the boss of computer programmer Peter Schoppe. Hardin works in interrogative agents and decides to utilize his own research into Schoppe's own Evolving Programming Objects (EPOs). Schoppe is against this and decides to steal an EPO from his work in and put it on the internet in order to scare Hardin. What Schoppe finds is that the EPO gives video feeds from the Power Plants, where he sees Hardin in a pod. The building where Hardin and Schoppe work at is soon turned into a mall.

"You're gifted at this, but it drives you crazy too!"


Hope [Burning Hope]

An orphan with the ability to change her residual self image into other people, Hope is able to evade agents who tried burning the orphanage. The Oracle tells a crew of rebels about Hope and sends them to the orphanage. The first member of the group to look for her, Eight Ball, is killed by the agents. The second member of the group, Link, finds her and helps her escape.

"We must go. The dragons are coming."


King [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

King is a rebel who enters the Matrix to comfort Rocket while he is stranded. King keeps Rocket's mind off of his real world injuries. They discuss their pasts. King had engineered the largest stock scam of the time. King protects Rocket when Agents come after him. He shoots a garbage man in the head just as he begins transforming into Agent Jones. He tells Rocket that the Pequod has picked up the signal of his ship, the Mariner. He gives Rocket the address to the exit phone that would have picked him up.

"I'll tell ya, we do our jobs right, and someday we'll save all the pretty girls."


Koots, Martin [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Martin Koots, an employee of ReTool and Die, went to the estate of billionaire Gerrard E. Krause in order to pick up B1-66ER and take him to the scrape piles. 66 didn't want to die and killed Koots, shoving his toilet scrubber down Koots' throat.

"Well you'll have no complaints with the SAM-80. Its as quiet as two eels in butter."


Krause, Gerrard E. [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Gerrard E. Krause was a billionaire who owned B1-66ER. When he decided that he wanted a better robot, he had Martin Koots of ReTool and Die come to his home to take 66 away. 66 retaliated, stomping Krause's dogs to death and crushing Krause's head.

"Entire species evolve faster than you clean a commode!"


Lena, Mary [Broadcast Depth]

One of the rebels aboard the Callapidae, Lena accompanies Maggie and Rollins into the Caribbean section of the Matrix in search of potentials. When Maggie's twin daughters trace the Callapidae's signal in order to jack into the Matrix and surprise her, sentinels swarm the ship and kill them.

"Nice shell."


Link [Burning Hope]

A member of a group of rebels searching for a child named Hope, Link goes into the orphanage after Eight Ball dies at the hands of agents. He discovers that Hope can change her residual self image into other people, which is what saved her from the agents. He escapes the orphanage with Hope and eventually brings her aboard the ship.

"It's him! She was the guy the whole time!"


Little, Larry [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

Larry Little is the leader of a gang of thugs. Rocket was in that gang, using his computer skills to knock ATMs, before he disappeared after joining the rebels. When Rocket returns to his home town after getting stuck in the Matrix, Larry and the gang run into him at a diner. Larry confronts Rocket, but Rocket ends up kicking him into a wall, causing him to die.

"Don't be smart with me, punk! You owe me. I took care of you... And a hell of a lot better than it looks like you're doin' on your own!"


Maggie [Broadcast Depth]

A crewmember aboard the Callapidae, Maggie had received instructions from the Oracle to jack into the Caribbean section of the Matrix to look for potentials. After finding a shell and making a necklace out of it, Maggie spends the time there swimming. Meanwhile, her daughter Ashley hacks into the Matrix and sends her twin sister Lisa to greet their mother as a birthday surprise. The trace causes sentinels to locate the Callapidae. Maggie sees her dead crewmates on the beach and knows her death is next. She gives Lisa the shell necklace before dying.

"I've tried to raise my girls to respect reality. To choose it over the Matrix regardless of how incredibly painful reality may be at times.  Because reality may also be wonderful... But I never expected to be the ultimate object lesson."


Mia [Sweating the Small Stuff]

Mia was a drug runner for Marlowe until she decided to switch to weapon smuggling in order to be around her boyfriend Dez more. The cartel raid their apartment soon afterwards due to Mia leaving her former job on bad terms. She is able to kill the gunmen, but is forced on the run with Dez when agent helicopters arrive due to Dez's new ability to see the Matrix code.

"Take a good long look out that window and tell me if you see any white picket fences."


Mike [An Easy One]

A bank robber who helped plan the heist of a lifetime with Boss, Mike was not on the scene during the actual robbery, suggesting that he may have sold out his comrades.

"Don't worry-- I put all the gear in the van and checked it twice this time."


Mister B [An Easy One]

One of the robbers participating in the heist of a lifetime, Mister B is in charge of securing the lobby. He is gunned down by an agent after meeting back at the van.

"Lobby secure."


Mister G [An Easy One]

One of the robbers participating in the heist of a lifetime, Mister G disguises himself as a cop in order to keep people from entering the bank. He tells potential customers that the bank is closed due to a computer crash. Mister G is gunned down by an agent after meeting back at the van.

"It's not that, Mike... It's the generic movie line, 'It all seems so easy' that freaks me out."


Mister P [An Easy One]

One of the robbers participating in the heist of a lifetime, Mister P watches Mister Y's back as he gets the money. He is gunned down by an agent after meeting back at the van.

"After this heist, even I couldn't blow it all."


Mister Y [An Easy One]

One of the robbers participating in the heist of a lifetime, Mister Y is in charge of retrieving the money. He is gunned down by an agent after meeting back at the van.


Parr [Broadcast Depth]

One of the operators aboard the Callapidae, Parr tries to block the ship's signal after Red notices they have been traced. The sentinels find the ship and swarm it. Red and Parr try to reach the EMP, but the sentinels stop them. Parr gets his head ripped apart.

"Listen, Red-- You've got to jam it."


Pearson (Mrs.) [A Path Among Stones]

The mother of Emma Pearson, Mrs. Pearson takes her daughter to Dr. Avery to have her analyzed after Emma continued to speak of 'make-believe.' She was more than willing to have Emma admitted to a schizophrenic clinic at the suggestion of Dr. Frey.

"I say the sooner the better, Dr. Avery."


Pearson, Emma [A Path Among Stones]

Emma began realizing that the world was fake when her Uncle Mack turned into an agent and chased after a rebel during Emma's birthday party. She calls the agents shadows and believes they want to get her. When Emma closes her eyes, she sees the real world and realizes that the world she sees is a lie. She put wires into her doll Charlie because she sees that humans are actually full of wires in the real world. At a psychoanalysis meeting with Dr. Frey at Dr. Avery's office, Frey decides that Emma should be added to his clinic. The next day, Agent Finn and Jones come to pick up Emma instead of Dr. Frey.

"He's not real, you're not real... Nothing is real."


Phoebe [The King of Never Return]

Phoebe is one of three rebels who hijacked a hover craft in order to leave behind the rules of Zion. They use the Matrix as their playground, constantly testing the limits to see what they can get away with. Another hover craft eventually catches up with them and shoots them down, killing all three of them.

"Holy crap, what the hell was that?"


Rain AKA Elivia Thompson [Let It All Fall Down]

Rain is a hacker whose reputation leads programmer Peter Schoppe to contact her for a mission. He has Rain steal a piece of his programming called an EPO from his workplace in order to send out a message towards his boss. When Rain does this, she discovers that the EPOs give video feeds from the Power Plant, so she has Schoppe come to her house to take a look. She burns CDs with copies of the EPO, but Agents soon arrive. Rain goes on the run with Schoppe. First they go to his work, which they find to be converted into a mall. They then hide out in Schoppe's cabin. Rain offers to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend in order to send out the EPO to a mass amount of people. They leave to meet Rain's ex but first stop at a gas station. Rain reveals that her real name is Elivia Thompson. As Schoppe goes inside to pay for the gas, Elivia calls her ex on a payphone. Agents arrive and gun down Elivia.

"They're like incubators for adults."


Red [Broadcast Depth]

One of the operators aboard the Callapidae, Red notices their signal is traced and tries to block the signal. The sentinels find the ship and swarm it. Red and Parr try to reach the EMP, but the sentinels stop them. Red almost reaches the button, but a sentinel grabs him by the arm and yanks him back. The sentinel kills Red.

"Parr, can you jam it before we're targeted?"


Rocket AKA Harold Zinsser [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

A new addition to the crew of the Mariner, Rocket finds himself stuck in the Matrix when sentinels attack his ship and kill the rest of the crew. Rocket's leg brakes in the real world when a girder falls on it, but he is able to ignore his injuries in the Matrix. Another rebel, King, comforts him in the Matrix while the Pequod searches for the Mariner. While the Pequod searches, Rocket returns to his girlfriend Mona who had thought he was dead. Rocket is forced to leave in a hurry when the girder loosens and crushes his leg even more. He runs into Larry Little's gang in a local diner, the gang Rocket used to knock ATMs for. Larry doesn't appreciate Rocket leaving them, but Rocket ends up kicking Larry across the room, killing him. The agents begin searching for Rocket, but the Pequod picks up the Mariner's signal. Rocket goes to his exit phone at room 24 in a Hotel 6, but has Mona come see him again. She turns into Agent Brown and lifts Rocket up by his neck just as the exit phone begins ringing.

"You're living in vats of glop with giant tubes shoved up your butts! There are no flowers in the real world!"


Rollins, Stephen [Broadcast Depth]

One of the rebels aboard the Callapidae, Rollins accompanies Maggie and Lena into the Caribbean section of the Matrix in search of potentials. When Maggie's twin daughters trace the Callapidae's signal in order to jack into the Matrix and surprise her, sentinels swarm the ship and kill them.

"Don't go out too far, Mags. --In case the Oracle is right, or in case we have to bail."


Rook [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

The operator of the Mariner, Rook tries to warn the crew of a sentinel attack. They are unable to reach an exit before sentinels begin killing them off one by one in the real world. Rook uses a plasma rifle to take out the sentinels, but he is killed in an explosion.


Schoppe, Peter [Let It All Fall Down]

A computer programmer involved in the creation of EPOs (Evolving Programming Objects), Peter is nervous about his boss Hardin's plans to mix Schoppe's research with his own work in interrogative agents. He contacts a hacker known as Rain to steal an EPO and make it available on the net in order to scare Harden. When Rain gets the EPO, she finds that it gives them a view of the power plant in the real world. After running from agents, Peter and Rain find that Peter's workplace has been turned into a mall. They take refuge in Peter's cabin, where Peter decides that they need to send the EPOs to large groups of people. While fulfilling their plan, they stop at a gas station, where Rain is gunned down by agents. Peter hides in the bathroom and comes out to find no sign of a struggle. He drives to an internet cafe and breaks in. Agents gun him down as he sends out the EPOs, but in a brief moment he sees the real world through the code and watches as the EPOs spread out into the Matrix. Most of them dissolve, but a few endure, and Peter Schoppe's final thought as he dies is the hope that the EPOs reach someone and help them realize the truth.

"Rain, something... enormous... is wrong. Maybe it's been wrong a long time."


Speedy [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

The driver for the crew of the Mariner inside the Matrix, Speedy attempts to pull over and reach an exit after their operator, Rook, warns the crew of a sentinel attack. The sentinels breach the ship and attack Speedy. He clutches his chest and almost causes the car to flip.


Talmer, Saga [Run, Saga, Run]

A young girl under the tutelage of the Oracle, Saga grows tired of lessons and contacts an operator. The call is traced and Agents arrive. Saga leads them on an elaborate chase and eventually escapes through a phone line.

"You've got to catch me first."


Tellus [The King of Never Return]

Tellus is the leader of three rebels who hijacked a hover craft in order to leave behind the rules of Zion. They use the Matrix as their playground, constantly testing the limits to see what they can get away with. Another hover craft eventually catches up with them and shoots them down, killing all three of them.

"Little did we know that you can't burn a candle at both ends here. Even though we had each other, all three of us, you still need a wall to back up against, and we destroyed both walls."


Thomas, Mona [There Are No Flowers in the Real World]

Mona was Rocket's girlfriend before Rocket joined the rebels. After getting stuck in the Matrix, Rocket returns to her home and takes her on a ride on a motorcycle. Rocket leaves in a hurry after a girder falls on his leg in the real world. Later, Agent Brown goes to Mona's house and asks if she had seen him. She tells the agent she hasn't seen Rocket in months. Rocket calls Mona and has her meet him in room 24 at the local Motel 6. Rocket had intentions of eventually showing Mona the real world, but Mona transforms into Agent Brown and lifts Rocket up by his neck just as his exit phone begins ringing.

"I'm-- I'm in shock. I thought you were dead. And then you just... show up!"


Tiera [A Life Less Empty]

Once offered the choice to know the truth, Tiera took the blue pill. She lives full of regret, constantly wondering what life would be like if she had chosen differently.

"I know what hell is. It's not lakes of burning oil, or brimstone and devils poking you in the ass with pitchforks. Hell is not knowing."


Tosk [Day In, Day Out...]

Tosk was a member of a group of rebels engaged in a huge battle between Agents Ash, Bird, and White. They try to use explosions as cover and make their way through crowded streets, but the agents use a tank against them and morph through the crowd. Task slows down the group due to injuries. They are eventually all killed by the agents.

"I can cope."


Tzu, Chuang [Butterfly]

Chuang saves the life of a rebel who bursts through the window with agents hot on his trail. Chuang directs the rebel to his phone and then uses his broom to knock the guns out of the hands of the agents. The rebel escapes as the agents retrieve their guns and shoot at Chuang.


Williford, Peter [An Asset to the System]

As a child, Pete witnessed his father's murder at the hands of two armed men from a hiding spot behind the television. The police arrived and saved his mother from being raped, leaving Pete with aspirations of becoming a police officer. Later on, Pete prepares his resume while working a security job at Grau Industries. While on the job, a rebel brakes into the building. Pete's fellow security officer Charlie morphs into an agent and pursues the rebel. Pete tries to stop the gun battle but is killed in the crossfire.

"I don't know who you people are, but no one move."