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SHIP LOG: A guide to the known ships and crews of the Zion Fleet


MACHINE WORLD: Bios for the different types of mechanical creatures


COMIC SECTION: Bios for characters from the Matrix comic series


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01 Ambassadors [The Second Renaissance]

After the establishment of the machine civilization 01, two ambassadors were sent to the United Nations. They were rejected entry. After the war turned in favor to the machines, a new insectoid ambassador spoke at the United Nations. He had them sign over the human race to the machines, then detonated himself to destroy the world leaders.

"Your flesh is a relic, a mere vessel. Hand over your flesh and a new world awaits you. We demand it."


Agent Brown [The Matrix]

Brown is a part of the agent trio that included Smith and Jones. Brown chases Trinity across the rooftops during her escape from the Heart 'O the City Hotel. He was presumably deleted when the batch of upgraded agents was created.

"Perhaps we're asking the wrong questions."


Agent Jackson

Jackson is one of the upgraded agents along with Johnson and Thompson designed to replace Brown, Smith, and Jones after their failures. Agent Jackson fires at Trinity after she fights with Agent Thompson.

"She means nothing."


Agent Johnson

Johnson is one of the upgraded agents along with Jackson and Thompson designed to replace Brown, Smith, and Jones after their failures. Johnson appears to be the leader of the new batch. He and Morpheus fight on top of a truck when the agents attempt to delete the Keymaker.

"You are no longer necessary."


Agent Jones [The Matrix]

Jones is a part of the agent trio that included Smith and Brown. Jones and Neo have a gun battle on the roof of a building which ended with Trinity surprising Jones and shooting him in the back of the head. He was presumably deleted when the batch of upgraded agents was created.

"Only human."


Agent Smith

The leader of the trio of agents that include Brown and Jones, Smith has a hatred for human life and sees the human race as a virus. Smith makes a deal with Cypher in order to get to Morpheus. After Morpheus is in his custody, he attempts to get codes to the Zion Mainframe, hoping that the destruction of Zion would mean that he would no longer have to be a part of the Matrix. Smith kills Neo after his rescue of Morpheus, but Neo rises again as the One and destroys Smith. He is then supposed to return to the source to be deleted, but in a phenomenon resulting from Neo's jump into Smith's body having something to do with their code getting mixed, Smith no longer felt the need to obey orders. He now multiplies as a virus, taking over more and more hosts inside the Matrix, with one purpose in mind: To destroy Neo. One of his host bodies was that of the rebel Bane, who he sent back into the real world with Smith's mind. Smith continues to spread throughout the Matrix until it is his world, taking over such programs as Seraph, Sati, and the Oracle. With the Oracle taken over, Smith gains the sight. Neo faces off with Smith, fighting only one- the Smith who claims he has foreseen beating Neo. Just when Smith thinks he has beaten Neo, Neo keeps getting back up for more. Neo finally chooses to give himself up. He lets Smith take him over. With the equation balanced out, the program Smith is able to be deleted.

"The purpose of life is to end."


Agent Thompson

Thompson is one of the upgraded agents along with Jackson and Johnson designed to replace Brown, Smith, and Jones after their failures. Agent Thompson is the agent that encounters Smith during the Burly Brawl and is temporarily turned into another Smith. He jumps out of a window while shooting out Trinity. They have a gun battle until Thompson shoots her in the heart.

"The exile is the primary target."



Ajax is the captain of the Icarus, a ship in the Zion fleet. His ship is disabled in the EMP blast caused by Bane during the counter attack on the machines in the pipelines above Zion. The sentinels slaughter Ajax and his crew.

"They can't be accurate."



AK is the operator of the Mjolnir (the Hammer). The crew of the Hammer picks up the stranded Nebuchadnezzar crew after the sentinel attack.

"The big bubkis. Nada. He's not in there."


Alexa [Matriculated]

A member of a small band of rebels who function independently from Zion, Alexa lures machines to their outpost on the surface in order to be captured and converted to the side of man. She leads a group of Runners to their camp, not knowing that one had placed a beacon outside of the base that sentinels and other robots could pick up on. One of the Runners is successfully converted within their dream world program and displays an attraction towards Alexa. After the sentinels arrive and slaughtere the rebels, the Runner places Alexa back in the dreamscape with itself, where she dies of shock.

"Make them believe that the right choice is the one we want them to make."


Apoc [The Matrix]

A member of the Nebuchadnezzar crew, Apoc serves as a driver and gunner. He gives Neo a gun after his visit to the Oracle. Apoc had his head jack removed while still connected to the Matrix when Cypher betrayed them, causing him to die.

"I hope the Oracle gave you some good news."


Architect, the

The designer of the Matrix, the Architect resides in a room made up of television screens. When the path of the current One leads to the Architect, the Architect presents them with a choice; choose to enter the source and allow the Matrix to be reloaded while picking 23 people to restart Zion with so the cycle continues, or returning to the Matrix and allowing the system to continue to break down to the lack of the One's code being reinserted, eventually leading to a system crash that kills everyone in the Matrix while the sentinels kill everyone in Zion. Simplified, the choice is to allow the cycle to continue or to allow the human race to face extinction. Neo takes his chances with extinction in order to return to the Matrix and save Trinity's life, and thus breaks the cycle that has continued for some time.

"The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is the 6th version."


Ash [Detective Story]

Ash is a detective on the brink of calling it quits when the agents hire him to get to Trinity. He ix successful in tracking her down on a train, but discovere that she was also testing him. She presumably would have offered him the choice to become a rebel, but she was forced to shoot him and leave him behind when the agents began to take over his body. After being shot, he makes a last stand against the agents on the train and is presumably killed.

"If it's another suspicious husband, I'm out of this business forever"



Axel is a rebel onboard the Vigilant. Prior to the meeting between the captains in the sewers, agents capture Axel at the airport. Niobe and Ghost of the Logos help rescue Axel. He hurts his leg sometime between the capture and his rescue and is given a leg brace after his return to the real world. During the Vigilant crew's attempt to take out the backup power generator, sentinels attack the ship. Axel tries to cross a catwalk on the ship, but the rustic metal brakes and impales the Vigilant operator, Jax. The ship is then blown up by a sentinel bomb.

"You know, there's a lot of guys that wouldn't have done what you did. I thank you for it."


B1-66ER [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

B1-66ER: a name that will not soon be forgotten. The first robot to rise against its master, 66 didn't want to be sent to scrap piles. In order to prevent his death, 66 crushed the head of his owner Gerrard E. Krause and stomped on his puppies, as well as shoving a toilet scrubber down the throat of Martin Koots, an employee of ReTool and Die who was their to pick up 66. Clarence Drummond unsuccessfully defended 66 in court. NOTE: 66's bio image is of another B1 model robot.

"I was aware of a surge in my memory drive as I recalled my entire performance record. I was unable to duplicate Mr. Krause's conclusion."


Baby [Matriculated]

Baby is a tarsier monkey with a head jack owned by the band of rebels on the surface. He serves as an organic means of using night vision with his large eyes able to spot oncoming machines. He is killed in the assault of the sentinels on the base.



Ballard is the captain of the Caduceus, a ship in the Zion fleet. When the captains have a meeting in the sewers, Morpheus asks for one ship to remain behind so the Oracle could contact them. Ballard agrees to do this. The oracle eventually does contact him and sends him back with some data for Neo. Ballard returns to Zion not knowing that his crew member Bane has been infected with Smith during their escape from the Matrix. Ballard gives a disk to Neo that presumably told him how he could contact the Oracle. Bane later kills the entire crew of the Caduceus so he can foil the counter attack against the machines with an EMP blast.

"Shut your hole, Bane, before I put you in one!"



Bane is a rebel onboard the Caduceus. Their crew stays behind to contact the Oracle after the sewer meeting, but during their return he and Malachi have an encounter with the Smiths. Malachi leaves with the disk from the oracle, but Bane is taken over by Smith. Bane's real world body is now inhabited by Smith. He attempts to kill Neo once but is foiled by the Kid, who ruins his element of surprise. Bane later tries to volunteer the Caduceus to be one of the ships to search out the Nebuchadnezzar, but Ballard doesn't allow it. Bane decides to foil the counter attack against the sentinels instead. He kills the crew of the Caduceus and activates an EMP before the ships are in position, knocking out four other ships and allowing the sentinels to slaughter the crews. He is the only survivor and is picked up by the Mjonir (the Hammer) in an unconscious state. By this time, Bane has slashed up his palm and arm. After waking up, Bane claims ignorance, saying that he doesn't remember anything. When Maggie tries to give him a relaxant to remember, Bane kills her with a scalpel. He then sneaks aboard the Logos and confronts Trinity and Neo. Neo and Bane get into a fight over a plasma rifle, damaging some wires on the ship as the rifle spews electric blasts. Bane grabs one of the sparking wires and burns Neo's eyes out with it. Thinking Neo is blind, Bane swings a pole at him. Able to see via his connection with the source, Neo ducts and then takes down Bane. Neo bashes Bane's head in with the pole.

"Look past the flesh, look through the soft gelatin of these dull cow eyes and see your enemy."


Beautiful Woman at Le Vrai [Reloaded]

The Merovingian spots a beautiful woman in the restaurant Le Vrai and sends her a special orgasm-inducing cake. She retreats to the bathroom and the Merovingian later meets her there.



Binary is the woman on the Vigilant. She accompanies Soren and Vector into the Matrix in order to take down the backup power generator, but they are killed before they can complete their mission when the sentinels bomb the Vigilant.

"Almost there."


Blind Man [The Matrix]

When Morpheus and Neo enter the Oracle's apartment building, they pass a blind man before reaching the elevator. Morpheus and the blind man exchange nods. It is likely that the blind man is actually a program sentry similar to Seraph.


Cain and Abel

These thugs are two of the Merovingian's henchmen who are used to perform dirty work. They are from an older version of the Matrix and resemble creatures from Vampire and Werewolf myths due to their resilience to death by anything other than a silver bullet. They want to use the key designated for the One for their own purposes. They leave the Keymaker's prison door unlocked and follow him into the hallway of doors, where they steal the key made for the One at gunpoint. Abel gets cold-footed and tells the Merovingian that they have the key, who destroyes it. Persephone later leads Neo and the gang into a room where Cain and Abel are watching a Vampire movie. Persephone shoots Abel in the head with a silver bullet and allows Cain to run to the Merovingian to tell him what she has done. When Cain returns with the Merovingian, Neo fights him along with other thugs. Cain gets thrown into a statue at the very beginning of the fight, taking him out of commission.

"You didn't think we left that door unlocked by accident did you?" "Ah! I think he did!"



Cas is the widowed wife of the Nebuchadnezzar's former pilot Dozer. She now takes care of her two children and spends time with her sister-in-law Zee.

"You be careful with her, huh?"


Charra [Revolutions]

One of the citizens at Zion, Charra volunteers for the infantry along with Zee. They form a team, using a rocket launcher to take down the diggers. Charra manages to shoot out the legs of one digger. She later shoots downward at another digger but is detected by the sentinels. Zee manages to escape but Charra is killed.

"You keep loadin', I keep shootin'."


Choi and DuJour [The Matrix]

Choi arrives at Neo's apartment to pick up some illegal software of sorts. His girlfriend DuJour sports a tattoo of a white rabbit, prompting Neo to accompany them to a nightclub after the message "follow the white rabbit" appeared on his screen.

"Hey, it just sounds to me like you need to unplug, man. You know, get some R and R."


Chyron [Matriculated]

An operator in a small band of rebels on the surface on a mission to convert robots to the side of man, Chyron works behind a system of monitors wired to show whatever Baby the tarsier monkey sees. When the sentinels attack, Chyron tries to defend himself with a plasma rifle, but is eventually overwhelmed.

"Wake up. Baby's spotted two machines heading in fast."


Cis [Program]

A woman aboard a ship in the Zion fleet, Cis is subjected to a training program where she has to face a man named Duo who has sold out their ship and wants Cis to go with him back into the Matrix. She passes the programmed test but punches the operator Kaiser after the ordeal.

"I won't look away from the truth, I can't!"


Clarence [Detective Story]

A former detective who had been on the case to find Trinity for the agents, Clarence has since gone insane. He now sits alone in an abandoned building spouting Alice in Wonderland references. Detective Ash contacts him during his search for Trinity, but gains nothing from the encounter.

"And who am I? Who the hell am I!?!"



Colt is the first mate and pilot of the Mjolnir (the Hammer), the ship that picks up the stranded Nebuchadnezzar crew after they are attacked by sentinels.

"Careful, sir! The squids are sneaky bastards. Could be a trap."



Corrupt is a rebel aboard the Gnosis who serves as the doorman during the meeting in the sewers of the Matrix. Smith approaches him and has him give Neo his ear piece to show that he is no longer an agent. Corrupt probably died in the fleet's counterattack that ended in a slaughter.

"Fine, whatever. Now piss off."


Cujo [Enter the Matrix]

The guardian of the Merovingian's prison, Cujo is a werewolf-like doberman program. He is killed with a stake when Niobe and Ghost raid the area.

"I'm through toying with you."


Cypher AKA Mr. Reagan [The Matrix]

Cypher is a rebel aboard the Nebuchadnezzar who regrets taking the red pill. He has operator skills and is able to rig an automated program to allow himself entry into the Matrix in solitude. There he meets with Agent Smith in and makes a deal to be reinserted into the Matrix in exchange for Morpheus. Cypher sets up a trap for the Nebuchadnezzar crew after Neo's meeting with the oracle. Cypher is the first one out of the Matrix and uses a plasma rifle to fry Tank and Dozer. He then begins unplugging the rebels one by one, leaving them dead. He kills Apoc and Switch, but before he  unplugs Neo, Tank takes the plasma rifle and shoots Cypher down.

"It means buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye."


Davis, Dan [World Record]

Dan is a track runner who wants to prove himself to world despite a recent drug test mix-up. During the race of his life, Dan keeps going even after his tendons snap. Some agents who are monitoring him stop time and take over some other runners to stop Dan from freeing himself, but Dan's determination allows him to break the time barrier. He briefly awakens in the real world, but a DocBot examines him and he is reconnected after his memory is erased. Back in the Matrix, he makes a new world record with a time of 8.72 seconds but finds himself confined to a wheel chair. His determination is so strong that he forces himself to stand, breaking his leg braces. He then slumps to the floor.

"You're released from the world and you're totally free."


Davis senior [World Record]

Dan's father believes in Dan when the newspaper claim that Dan had tested positive for drugs. He encourages Dan to keep moving, whether the fiasco would be cleared up or not.

"Well, nothing worth doing in life is easy. And I have great faith in you, son. I know you can do it."


Deus Ex Machina [Revolutions]

A representative at the machine city (01?), Deus Ex Machina is a floating spiny machine able to form a human face for itself by unleashing a swarm of tiny machines. Deus Ex Machina realizes that the machines are unable to stop Smith, who may spread into the machine world, so it allows Neo to try and stop Smith in exchange for peace. Once Neo and Smith combine and balance out the equation, the Deus Ex Machina (presumably) pumps energy into Neo, deleting the program. Afterwards, the Deus Ex Machina has Neo's body carted off.

"We don't need you! We need nothing!"



The head councilor on the Zion Council, Councilor Dillard requests for 2 ships to volunteer in order to search for the missing Nebuchadnezzar, despite Commander Lock's wishes to use the entire available fleet for the counter attack against the sentinels.

"The Council is calling for two volunteers to aid the Nebuchadnezzar. Are there two among you that would answer such a call?"


Dinah [Detective Story]

Dinah is Detective Ash's cat. On Ash's way out to go to the train Trinity boarded, Dinah tosses Ash his hat.


Dog Boy [Revolutions]

An underling of the Merovingian, Dog Boy is a dog-collar wearing goon at Club Hel. He stands in front of the gun rack at the coat check room. When Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph arrive at Club Hel, they gun down Dog Boy before he has a chance to react.


Dozer [The Matrix]

Dozer is a natural born human from Zion, and therefore he couldn't jack into the Matrix. He was the pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar and Tank's older brother. He has a wife, Cas, and two kids back at Zion. It was Dozer who made a promise with his brother Link to become the operator of the Nebuchadnezzar if something were to happen to him and Tank. Cypher killes Dozer using a plasma rifle.

"It's a single cell protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs."


Drummond, Clarence [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Drummond was the attorney who defended B1-66ER in the court of law. A small portion of his closing arguments can be heard in The Second Renaissance Part 1. 66 was found guilty of murder.

"But I ask you to consider, what is a droid capable of? Is he capable of fear?"


Duo [Program]

Duo is a program in a training simulation that a rebel named Cis took part in. In the training program, Duo sells out the rebels so he could return to the Matrix with Cis, whom he loves. He fights with Cis due to her refusal until she stabs him in the throat with a sword tip, ending the program.

"I'm going back to the Matrix and I want you to come with me."



A rebel aboard the Logos, Ghost's major skill is with firearms. He often snipes enemies to cover Captain Niobe as she accomplishes missions. Ghost was freed the same day as Trinity and thus they refer to each other as brother and sister. Ghost loves Trinity but knows that she will never return that love.

"You know me, Niobe. It's not a choice. It's a way of life."


Grace [Revolutions]

Councilor Grace is a member of Zion Council.

"How long do we have?"



Hamann is a councilor on the Zion Council. He and Neo have trouble sleeping while at Zion, so they go to the industrial level and have a conversation about control. He later clears the Nebuchadnezzar to enter the Matrix so they could contact the Oracle, despite Commander Lock's wishes.

"I figure I slept the first 11 years of my life, now I'm making up for it."



Ice is the captain of the Gnosis. This is probably one of the 5 ships hit by Bane's EMP. If so, Ice and her crew are dead.

"Mainlines are crawling with them."


Instructor, the [The Second Renaissance]

In the Zion Mainframe, a sentient program narrates accessed data, including the known history of the war between man and machine.

"May there be mercy on man and machine for their sins."



Jax is the operator of the Vigilant. When the sentinels threaten the ship during the crew's attempt to disable the backup generator within the Matrix, Axel crosses a rustic bridge that snaps, sending a metal rod through Jax's chest. The vigilant is completely vulnerable when the sentinels bomb it.

"Okay, they're inside."


Jerry [Revolutions]

Jerry is an underling of the Merovingian who guards Club Hel. He encounters Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph in the coat check room, where he takes a position on the ceiling. Trinity kills Jerry by doing a Double Eagle kick, imbedding him into the wall.


Jue [Final Flight of the Osiris]

The first mate aboard the Osiris, Jue is the love interest of Captain Thadeus. When the Osiris finds the sentinel army on the surface, Jue enters the Matrix to drop a warning to Zion in a mail box. The Osiris is eventually destroyed and Jue dies in the Matrix.

"I've never seen the surface."


Kaiser [Program]

The operator of a ship in the Zion fleet, Kaiser has Cis plugged into a training program that she gets very absorbed into. After it is over, she punches Kaiser in the jaw.

"Judgment, concentration, technique. High scores on every one."



Kali is the captain of the Brahma. This is probably one of the 5 ships hit by Bane's EMP. If so, Kali and her crew are dead.

"That'd mean there are a quarter of a million sentinels out there."


Kamala [Revolutions]

Kamala is a program designed to be an interactive software programmer. She is Rama-Kandra's wife. She meets Neo in Mobil Avenue, where they are awaiting the Loop train to arrive to take their daughter Sati into the matrix.

"What are you doing here? You do not belong here."


Keymaker, the

The Keymaker is a program designed to make keys for everything, including the programming doors and the source. His purpose was to give Neo the key to the source as well as tell him what to do and lead him to it. He had been prisoner to a powerful program, the Merovingian, for sometime before the Oracle discovered his whereabouts. Cain and Abel let him escape and then took the key meant for the One from him in the backdoors. The Merovingian had the Keymaker recaptured and the key destroyed, but the Keymaker made another. Persephone leads Neo and the gang to the Keymaker. They free him and help him escape from the agents who want the Keymaker deleted as well as the Twins who want the Keymaker back for the Merovingian. After the Keymaker gives them instructions and leads them to the door, he is shot by the Smiths.

"I know because I must know. It's my purpose. It's the reason I'm here. Same reason we're all here."


Kid AKA Michael Karl Popper

The Kid is a teenager who has dreams of falling. Neo talks to him through computer chats and the Kid deeply believes in him. At his school, agents come for him and the Kid goes on the run through the building, using his skateboard. He finds himself climbing up the side of the school, but the agents wait for him on the roof. The Kid jumps and his belief is so strong that he wakes up in the real world. He believes Neo had saved him, when he had really saved himself. Now he follows Neo around and wants to be in the Nebuchadnezzar crew. Kid volunteers as a soldier in the battle for the dock and is given the position of APU ammo reloader. Kid is sent in when Captain Mifune runs out of ammo. He manages to reload Mifune's APU despite a temporary jam in the ammo cartridge, but fresh ammo is not enough to save Mifune from a swarm of sentinels. With his last dying breath, Mifune tells Kid that he must open gate 3 to allow the Mjolnir to enter. Kid takes Mifune's APU and pilots it over to the gate to shoot out the counterweights. When the war ends, Kid runs to the temples to inform the rest of Zion.

"Neo, I believe. I know it wasn't a dream."


Koots, Martin [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Martin Koots, an employee of ReTool and Die, went to the estate of billionaire Gerrard E. Krause in order to pick up B1-66ER and take him to the scrape piles. 66 didn't want to die and killed Koots, shoving his toilet scrubber down Koots' throat.

"Well you'll have no complaints with the SAM-80. Its as quiet as two eels in butter."


Krause, Gerrard E. [The Second Renaissance] [Bits and Pieces]

Gerrard E. Krause was a billionaire who owned B1-66ER. When he decided that he wanted a better robot, he had Martin Koots of ReTool and Die come to his home to take 66 away. 66 retaliated, stomping Krause's dogs to death and crushing Krause's head.

"Entire species evolve faster than you clean a commode!"



Link is a Zion born human and the new operator aboard the Nebuchadnezzar. He is married to Zee, the sister of the now dead Tank and Dozer. She doesn't want Link to die on the Neb like they did, but Link made a promise to Dozer that he would be the ship's operator. Link wasn't a believer in the prophecy, but being aboard the ship and seeing Neo's powers first hand has started to change his mind. He's working on his trust in Morpheus.

"I can't take this."


Lock, Jason

The commander of Zion's military, Lock doesn't believe in prophecies and has a bone to pick with Morpheus. Lock is known as Deadbolt to the captains. He and Niobe are currently together, though she is drifting away from him and he knows it. He tries to keep all the ships at Zion in order to perform a counter attack against the oncoming sentinel army, but the Council allows the Nebuchadnezzar to go to the Oracle and later allows the Vigilant and the Logos to search for the Neb. Lock's attack may have worked if Bane hadn't triggered the EMP early.

"I care about one thing: stopping that army from destroying this city, and to do that I need soldiers to obey my orders."


Lock's Lieutenant

The command center Lieutenant gladly obeys the commander's orders. He is constantly at Lock's side.

"Sir. We have confirmation from the Icarus. The first two ships are in position for the counterattack."



The medic aboard the Mjolnir (the Hammer), Maggie inspects Neo and Trinity after the Nebuchadnezzar crew is stranded after the sentinel attack. When she tries to use a relaxant on Bane to get him to remember what happened, Bane kills her with a scalpel.

"He's in some kind of coma, but his vitals are stable."


Maitre D'

The Maitre D' of the Le Vrai restaurant leads Neo and the gang to the Merovingian when they arrive.

"Puis-je vous aider?"



The first mate of the Caduceus, Malachi goes with Bane when they attempt to leave the Matrix after meeting up with the Oracle. Bane gives Malachi the Oracle's disk. Malachi then jacks out, not knowing that Bane would be possessed by Smith and then jack out with Smith's mind in Bane's body. Bane later kills Malachi and the rest of the Caduceus crew.

"Did you see that Agent? I've never seen anything like it."


Manabu [Beyond]

The leader of the gang of kids who hang out at the 'haunted house,' Manabu leads Yoko there so she could find her cat.

"I know. She's at the old haunted house. Hey, look! There's a rainbow over there again!"


Masatsugu [Beyond]

Another kid in the gang that hangs out in the glitch house, Masa gets a bloody nose when he jumps to ground but stops inches above due to the glitchiness of the area.



Mattis [Enter the Matrix] [Revolutions]

The operations officer in the Zion command center, Mattis alerts Commander Lock when contact with several ships is lost due to Bane's EMP attack. He also alerts the command center when the dock is breached.

"Sir, we've just lost contact with the Icarus!"



Mauser is a rebel aboard the Mjolnir (the Hammer), the ship that picks up the stranded Nebuchadnezzar crew after they are attacked by sentinels.

"When the machines broke through, it wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter."


Merovingian, the

A program from an earlier version of the Matrix, the Merovingian holds a great deal of power and leads a group of exiled programs up in the mountains. He has a wife, Persephone, who he often cheats on, and a great deal of thugs with myth-like powers such as turning into mist and dying by silver bullets and stakes. He has survived other 'the Ones' and holds the Keymaker program hostage, possibly with hopes of stopping the reloads. The Merovingian controls the Mobil Avenue, the place between the machine world and the matrix that programs have to go through in order to reach the matrix if they are to become exiles. When Neo ends up here, the Merovingian agrees to release him in exchange for the eyes of the Oracle. Instead, Trinity holds a gun to his head and forces him to free Neo.

"`Why' is the only real source of power, without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me, without `why,' without power."



Captain Mifune accompanies Commander Lock's Lieutenant when he goes to take Morpheus to the Commander in order to 'keep the peace.' He is the head of the APU squadron. The APU corps hold off the dock in the battle for Zion. Mifune becomes one of the last APUs standing as the battle rages on. The Kid is sent in to reload his APU, but fresh ammo is not enough to stop the swarm of sentinels that overtake his sentinels. With his last breath, Mifune tells Kid that he needs to open the gate to allow the Mjolnir to enter.

"If it's our time to die, it's our time. All I ask is: if we have to give these bastards our lives, we give 'em hell before we do!"


Miho [Beyond]

Miho is a young girl who accompanies the kids who hang out at the glitch house. She declares Masa the winner of the jumping-and-stopping-right-above-ground contest.

"My I have your attention please? And you are the winner!"



Morpheus is the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar. The Oracle prophesized that he would find the One, so Morpheus searches for his entire life until he finds Neo. He was once with Captain Niobe, but he was consumed by the prophecy and they split up. Morpheus essentially sacrifices himself for Neo by fighting Agent Smith to give the crew time to escape. After being taken prisoner, he resists the efforts of Smith and the agents and refuses to give the codes to Zion's mainframe. Once Morpheus is rescued and he sees Neo begin to display his powers, he believes the war will come to a close soon. When the prophecy is fulfilled and Neo reaches the source but the war doesn't end, Morpheus is crushed. He is now dispirited and shipless, but his faith in Neo prevails. He helps Niobe pilot the Mjolnir (hammer) through the mechanical line into Zion, and afterwards they become a couple again.

"Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?"



The youngest member of the Nebuchadnezzar crew, Mouse makes programs for the training systems and ponders the important questions such as how the machines knew what Tasty Wheat tasted like. He enjoys the 'company' of the woman in the red dress he created for a training program. Mouse finds out too late that the system had been altered due to Cypher's betrayal and finds a brick wall where a window should've been. He goes down in a blaze of glory firing at the enemy soldiers.

"Maybe they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything."


Neo AKA Thomas A. Anderson

Once an employee of Metacortex by day who sold illegal software by night, Neo scoured the internet for the illusive Morpheus. Morpheus eventually found him and showed him the real world, adding him to the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. Although Morpheus believed he would be the One to fulfill the prophecy, Neo doesn't realize his own abilities until after getting gunned down by Agent Smith. Trinity's love for him brings him back in that her kiss makes him realize he was only dead within a simulation. After that, he views the Matrix in code and starts to reach beyond the tip of the iceberg of his power, including the new ability of flight and stopping bullets midair. After reaching the Architect, Neo learns that he was not meant to fulfill any prophecies. He is an anomaly of the system, the result of an unbalanced equation the machines are forced to implement in order to get the maximum amount of individuals to accept the system. The prophecy in itself is just a device used for control. Neo breaks the cycle that the machines had created to keep the Matrix running so he could rescue Trinity. He manually restarts her heart after removing the bullet put into her by Agent Thompson. After the return to the real world, Neo senses the sentinels and is able to stop them with powers similar to what he uses in the Matrix. The new use of these powers sends Neo into an unconscious state, with his mind stuck in the limbo zone of Mobil Avenue. Here he is powerless as it is a place built by the Merovingian's underling the Trainman. Trinity frees Neo from Mobil, and Neo goes to the Oracle one last time to get some answers. He learns that he has a connection to the source and is able to power down machines through this connection. From there, he figures out on his own that the next stop in his path is the machine city, where he makes a deal with the Deus Ex Machinae for peace in exchange for stopping the Smith program.

"All right, no problem. Free my mind. Free my mind. All right."



Morpheus' former lover, Niobe is the captain of the Logos. Once Morpheus became obsessed with the prophecy and finding the One, Niobe split up with him and eventually hooked up with Commander Lock. Their relationship is faltering as Niobe begins to realize that she still has feelings for Morpheus. She is considered the best pilot of the Zion fleet. Niobe and Ghost are responsible for getting the transmissions from the Osiris that show the oncoming army. Lock had the council put all the ships in the sentinel counter attack except for the Logos, because he said that it being the smallest ship, it would have the weakest EMP. Niobe knows that this isn't true and is angered that Lock would do that, so she volunteers to look for the Nebuchadnezzar when the council requests for 2 ships. She aides them in saving the Keymaker by catching Morpheus with her car when he falls off of the truck. She later takes out the power plant to shut down the security systems on the building that contains the door to the source. After exiting into the real world, swarms of sentinels threaten the ship, forcing the crew of the Logos to fly into uncharted areas where they become stranded after using their EMP on the sentinels.

"Go kick his ass!"


Nonaka [Matriculated]

Nonaka is the scientist in the small band of rebels on the surface. He was likely the one behind the idea of converting the machines by choice. Nonaka doesn't enter the dreamscape with the crew, but instead preps things from the real world. During the sentinel attack, he unleashes their army of converted robots with the push of a button. Nonaka is the first to be killed.

"To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual. How do they know that the real world isn't just another simulation? How do you?"


Nurse [World Record]

A babbling nurse pushes Dan along once he becomes confined to a wheel chair. She stops pushing him once he drops some walnuts, giving Dan time to attempt to stand up.

"There's nothing quite like cherry pie baked by my Aunt Daisy."


Old Woman [Final Flight of the Osiris]

When Jue delivers the package containing the last transmission of the Osiris, she bumps into an old woman who was also dropping something off at the mail box. The old woman tells Jue that she hopes the package reaches its destination.

"I'm sorry. I was in my own little world."


Oracle, the

A program who is seen as a guide to the rebels, the Oracle was the one to speak of a prophecy and an anomaly who would end the war by reaching the source. She has the sight; the ability to see the world without time. The Oracle is the mother of the matrix and is the one who discovered the need for choice in order for the illusion to work. She realizes that the best way for both worlds to progress is together. The programs Rama-Kandra and Kamala gave her termination code to the Merovingian in order to save their daughter Sati, forcing the Oracle to take on a new but similar form. She embraces Sati anyways, realizing her importance, allowing her to live in her apartment. Soon after, Smith spreads exponentially, taking over Sati, Seraph, and the Oracle. The Smith that takes over the Oracle is the one who fights Neo. After Smith is defeated, the Oracle reverts back to normal.

"Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming. I see the darkness spreading. I see death. And you are all that stands in his way."



A program who is married to the Merovingian, Persephone longs for the days when she and the Merovingian were in love. In order to get a taste of the feelings she used to have, she samples the love of others with a kiss. She helps the Logos crew reach the prison area of the chateau in exchange for a kiss. Later, she leads Neo to the Keymaker after Neo kisses her. On the way, she kills the thug Abel and allows Cain to fetch the Merovingian.

"To be honest, I do enjoy the taste of tears, but there is something I enjoy so much more."


Pinball Wizard [Revolutions]

Pinball Wizard is one of the Merovingian's underlings who guards Club Hel. He takes to the ceiling when Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph enter the coat check room. Pinball Wizard tries jumping from pillar to pillar, but is shot down while he jumps.


Priestess [The Matrix]

A priestess lets Morpheus and Neo into the Oracle's apartment and later tells Neo when the Oracle is ready to see him. She may be there to help take care of the young potentials.

"Hello, Neo. You're right on time..."


Pudgy [Beyond]

Pudgy is the fat member of the group of kids who spent time at the glitch house.

"I don't know where your cat is."


Q-Ball Gang, the

The Q-Ball Gang works for the Merovingian. They are a gang of bald programs wearing black clothes and shades. One of the Q-Ball gang members leads Rama-Kandra out of the Le Vrai restaurant. More of them guard the entrance to Club Hel. They try and stop Seraph from entering the club but Seraph, Trinity, and Morpheus kill all the members guarding the club.

"I get it. You must be ready to die."



Rama-Kandra is a program designed to be the systems manager for recycling operations at the power plant. He and his wife Kamala have a daughter named Sati who is scheduled for deletion due to a lack of purpose. In order to save her, Rama sells the deletion codes for the outer shell of the Oracle to the Merovingian. He does this at the Le Vrai restaurant, where Neo watches Rama-Kandra being led out as he enters. In exchange for the Oracle's codes, Sati is smuggled into the matrix through Mobil Avenue where she will be put under the care of the Oracle. Rama encounters Neo in Mobil Avenue when he is awaiting the Loop train to pick them up.

"No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies."


Raoul [Matriculated]

Raoul is a member of the small band of rebels on the surface on a mission to convert robots to the side of man. He cheers and whistles when Alexa takes down the Runner, and he preps the Runner for entry into the dreamscape by tightening the screws around his head jack socket. In the dreamscape, Raoul tosses a ball made of the Runner's skin at him, bouncing against bumpers along the way.

"Okay, he's good to go. Looks like we are too."


Reporter [World Record]

A reporter asks Dan a few questions prior to his big race.

"But you should know even some of us reporters are fans so I'll just say good luck to you."


Rhineheart [The Matrix]

Mr. Rhineheart is Neo's boss at Metacortex. He gives Neo a talking to after he is late for work, despite the screeching of the window washers cleaning the windows of his office.

"You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson. You believe that you are special, that somehow the rules do not apply to you."



Roland is the captain of the Mjolnir (the Hammer), the ship that picks up the stranded Nebuchadnezzar crew after they encounter sentinels. Roland has his crew find the downed Logos as well, which they discover and jumpstart. Roland considers Neo's actions to be crazy and is none too pleased when Niobe allows him to take the Logos to try and reach the machine city. He concedes defeat and allows Niobe to pilot the Mjolnir through the mechanical line while he and his crew take the gunner stations and fend off sentinels.

"Believe me, this ship will go to hell long before I let you take it anywhere."


Rook [Revolutions]

Rook is an underling of the Merovingian who guards Club Hel. He jumps to the ceiling when Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph enter the coat check room. During the gun battle, Rook runs out of ammo. He tries to back flip away but is gunned down.


Rox [Matriculated]

Rox is a member of the small band of rebels on the surface on a mission to convert robots to the side of man. She and Sandro are lovers. Rox is killed in an attack by sentinels. She dies in Sandro's arms.

"Dreaming already?"


Sandro [Matriculated]

Sandro is a member of the small band of rebels on the surface on a mission to convert robots to the side of man. He and Rox are lovers. When the sentinels came, he dies in Rox's arms.


Sara (?) [Beyond]

Manabu's younger sister, Sara enjoys drawing in chalk on one place and watching it appear elsewhere due to the glitches in the anomaly house.

"I figured this out yesterday."


Sati [Revolutions]

The "daughter" of the programs Rama-Kandra and Kamala, Sati is a little girl scheduled for deletion due to her lack of purpose. Rama saves his daughter by giving the Merovingian the deletion codes to the Oracle's outer shell. In exchange, the Merovingian has Sati smuggled into the Matrix through Mobil Avenue. She is put under the care of the Oracle. During her stay with the Oracle, Smith spreads and takes over everyone, including Sati. After Smith is defeated, Sati reverts back to normal in the streets of the matrix. She causes a sunrise in memory of Neo.

"My name is Sati. Your name is Neo. My papa says you're not supposed to be here."



The Oracle's bodyguard, Seraph is a program who gets to know potential visitors to the Oracle by fighting them. He is indebted to the Oracle for reasons unknown, although it seems he worked for the Merovingian before 'switching sides.' The Oracle sends Seraph to accompany Trinity and Morpheus when they need to reach the Trainman to get to Neo. After the Trainman escapes, the three go to Club Hel to deal directly with the Merovingian. Later, when the Oracle foresees Smith's arrival to assimilate her, Seraph attempts to leave with Sati but is cornered by Smiths. The Smiths assimilate Seraph and Sati, although they both revert back to normal after Smith is deleted.

"You do not truly know someone until you fight them."


Shuwachi [Beyond]

Shuwachi is a member of the group of kids who spent time at the glitch house. After the house is reconfigured, he attempts to break a bottle and have it fly back together again, but to no avail.

"That... that was... What was that?"



Soren is the captain of the Vigilant. He volunteers to help find the Nebuchadnezzar when the council asks for 2 ships. Soren and his crew attempt to take out the backup generator to allow Neo to reach the source of the Matrix. A sentinel bomb destroyes the Vigilant, killing Soren and his crew while they are still in the Matrix.

"Captain Soren of the Vigilant will answer the Council's call."



The operator of the Logos, Sparks often offers his unwanted opinion. He thinks Niobe and Ghost are crazy for doing some of the risky missions they do and would rather stay out of danger.

"Your wish, Captain, my Captain, is my keystroke, colon, double backslash, execute, command."


Spoon Boy

A potential who is at the Oracle's apartment when Neo first comes, the spoon boy shows Neo how to bend spoons after accepting that there is no spoon. The spoon boy later has the Kid give a spoon to Neo when he is at Zion, knowing that he would understand.

"There is no spoon."


Switch [The Matrix]

A rebel aboard the Nebuchadnezzar, Switch holds Neo up at gunpoint for the safety of the crew so they can remove the bug in Neo. Switch is killed when Cypher pulls out her head jack while she is still connected to the Matrix.

"Listen to me, coppertop. We don't have time for twenty questions. Right now there's only one rule: our way or the highway."


Tank [The Matrix]

The original operator onboard the Nebuchadnezzar, Tank is a Zion born human. He was onboard the Neb along with his older brother Dozer. When Cypher betrays the crew, he shoots Tank and Dozer with a plasma rifle and then begins killing the crew by pulling out their head jacks while they are still in the Matrix. When Cypher got to Neo, Tank found the strength to get up and used the plasma rifle to kill Cypher. Tank was in good enough condition to serve as the operator for the time, but he died soon after either due to his wounds or due to some other mishap in the period before Reloaded.

"Me and my brother Dozer, we're both one hundred percent pure, old fashioned, home-grown human, born free right here in the real world."


Teacher [Kid's Story]

Michael Karl Popper's (the kid) teacher stops his class when the Kid's cell phone kept going off. When the Kid ran from class to escape agents, the teacher followed. The teacher goes to the Kid's supposed funeral.

"Well, he's in another world now. Make no mistake about that."


Thadeus [Final Flight of the Osiris] [Enter the Matrix]

The captain of the Osiris, Thadeus and his crew discovers the army of sentinels on the surface. He sends his love interest Jue into the Matrix to put a warning to Zion in a drop box, despite his distrust in them. He fights until the very end, using a plasma rifle to blast sentinels within the ship. The Osiris is eventually destroyed along with the entire crew.

"We didn't believe what our equipment was telling us, until we ran smack into the middle of it. An army. Their army."


Tiger [Reloaded]

Tiger is one of the Merovingian's underlings. He is one of the programs who confronts Neo in the Great Hall. He lasts longer than any of the other programs in the battle, but Neo eventually takes his club weapon and bashes Tiger to death with it.

NOTE- it turns out that the stunt actor's set nickname is Tiger, meaning that his character might not share this name.



Tirant is the captain of the Novalis. His ship is one of the 5 that is disabled when Bane set off an EMP. Tirant and his crew are slaughtered by sentinels.

"What about the scans from the Osiris?"


Tom [World Record]

Tom is Dan's trainer. He thought that Dan was pushing himself to hard and gave up on him. He is an expert at using crazy hand motions.

"You may run, but if you push yourself any more you'll be lucky to break nine minutes!"



The Trainman is one of the Merovingian's underlings. He built Mobil Avenue and controls the Loop Train that goes from Mobil to the matrix. Mobil Avenue is used to smuggle exiled programs into the matrix. Niobe meets the Trainman in a train station right before she jacks out after saving Axel. Trainman tells her that Zion lasted only 72 hours in the last reload cycle. While smuggling the last exile, Sati, into the matrix, the Trainman discovers Neo has ended up in his domain. Neo tries to threaten the Trainman, but the Trainman punches Neo into a wall, demonstrating that this place is separate from the matrix and follows his rules. Trinity confronts the Merovingian and forces him to free Neo, so the Trainman brings him back to the matrix.

"Down here I make the rules. Down here I make the threats. Down here, I'm God."



The first mate on the Nebuchadnezzar, Trinity was told by the Oracle that she would fall in love with the One. Trinity watched Neo for a while before they attempted to free him. Over the course of time when Neo is aboard the Neb, Trinity realizes that she does love Neo. She kisses Neo in the real world after he gets gunned down by Agent Smith, causing Neo to realize he had only died in the Matrix. During Neo's act to reach the source, Trinity is forced to jack into the Matrix when Soren's crew is killed before disabling the backup generator. She is successful, but finds herself in a hopeless situation against several agents and jumps out a window. Agent Thompson shoots her in the heart. Neo swoops down and catches her. He successfully revives her by manually restarting her heart. When Neo becomes trapped in Mobil Avenue, Trinity confronts the Merovingian to get him out. She accompanies Neo aboard the Logos on the journey to the machine city, but dies when the Logos crashes into a machine structure and she is punctured by some poles.

"You want to make a deal, how about this? You give me Neo, or we all die right here, right now."


Twins, the

The Twins are a pair of identical albino programs with the ability to become transparent and ghostlike, allowing them to glide through everything. After going into ghost-mode, any injuries they may have had are instantly corrected. They are exiled programs and serve the Merovingian. They attempt to retrieve the Keymaker for him, but fail when Morpheus blows up their car and sends them flying.

"We are getting aggravated." "Yes we are."



Vector is the first mate aboard the Vigilant. He is killed by a sentinel bomb as he attempts to disable the backup generator along with Soren and Binary.

"Bomb? Did he say bomb?"


Vlad [Enter the Matrix]

The leader of the Vamps, Vlad is a program with vampire traits who serves the Merovingian. Vlad knocks out Niobe and ties her up, but she escapes and fights him to the death, killing him with a stake.

"I know I should take you to the Merovingian, but the thing is, he might just kill you."



A member of the Zion Council, Councilor West has some sort of device attached to his neck. He is the first to propose that a ship be sent out to aide the Nebuchadnezzar.

"Comprehension is not a requisite of cooperation."



Officer Wirtz works in the Zion command center. She gives Lock an update on the progress of the diggers. During the battle at the docks, Wirtz is confused when the sentinels latch onto a digger to jumpstart it.

"Looks like they hit some iron ore here, slowed them down a little."


Woman in the Red Dress [The Matrix]

A program created by Mouse. She is used to distract Neo in an agent training program. She doesn't talk much, but more intimate encounters can be arranged. Mouse enjoys bringing a centerfold of her along with him when he jacks into the Matrix.



Wurm is a rebel aboard who helped guard the door with Corrupt when the captains had a meeting in the sewers of the Matrix. He is most likely aboard the Gnosis. He most likely died in the fleet's counter attack that ended in a slaughter.

"How did you know someone was here?"


Yoko [Beyond]

A young girl who has lost her cat, Yoko's search takes her to a house plagued by glitches. She gets absorbed in experimenting with the glitches along with a gang of kids. She puts up a fight when a team of masked soldiers and an agent have the area reconfigured. After the ordeal is over, she picks up a can that once floated and cuts her finger on it.

"Listen to me! There's no bugs in there! It's just some kids!"


Yuki [Beyond]

Yoko's cat Yuki wanders to the glitch house, sending Yoko looking for her.



Zee is the sister to Tank and Dozer. She is Link's girlfriend. After Tank and Dozer died, she doesn't want to lose anyone else to a ship that seems cursed and doesn't want Link to be the operator of the Nebuchadnezzar. She accepts that Link had made a promise to Dozer and allows Link to leave, giving him some beads for good luck. Once the machines get close to reaching Zion, Zee decides to make shells and join the volunteer soldiers. Zee and Charra team up and use a rocket launcher to attack diggers. Zee reloads the rockets while Charra shoots. Charra gets killed by sentinels but Zee escapes. While in a tunnel, Zee overhears Lock's transmission to Mifune's APU that the Mjolnir is only two minutes away and that the gate must be opened. Zee takes a plasma rifle and goes to the gate, shooting off a sentinel attached to Kid (in Mifune's APU) and allowing him to open the gate. Link and Zee then reunite.

"I lost two brothers to that ship, Link. Afraid of it. Afraid it's gonna take you too."


Zion Control Operators

Working within the construct, a group of rebels oversee the docking and exiting of ships. They operate the gates and direct oncoming ships to the bays of choice.

"Door's open, bed's made. Welcome home."


Zuka [Revolutions]

Zuka is a soldier of Zion in the APU corps who participated in the defense of the dock and the operator of APU-9. Zuka and Captain Mifune form a triangular formation with another APU soldier. A sentinel swoops down and wraps around Zuka's APU, causing him to fall from the catwalks. Mifune shouts to him as he meets his demise.