The Machine World


There are various types of mechanical creatures in the machine world which can only be classified as a group. Due to this, I have separated them from the main character database section into this page.




Armada ships

Huge machines designed to defend the machine city, 18 of these war machines launch a barrage of sentinel tow bombs at the Logos when Trinity and Neo pilot towards the city.



The agents often make use of tracking devices that take the form of insectoid creatures, so the person they used it on is literally bugged with a bug. Rebels usually must remove these bugs before they can free the person in question.



The inhabitants of the machine city take the form of insects of every variety. The denizens all have some sort of job to do, such as the swarms that form the face of Deus Ex Machinae. They are different from the parasitic insects found in the fetus fields.



The machines use giant drilling robots called Diggers to burrow down to Zion. The Osiris first encountered these machines when nearby sentinels forced their ship up to the surface. They sent a warning to Zion via drop-off boxes within the Matrix before the sentinels completely obliterated their ship.



DocBots are hovering robots that inspect the humans wired to the power plant when something happens to their signals. When a human's signal is disrupted using the red pill, the DocBot removes there head jack and tubes and flushes them out of the power plant so they will drown in the sewers if a rebel ship isn't their to rescue them.


Fetus Harvesters

In the fields where humans are grown, huge fetus-harvesting machines pluck ripe babies from mechanical stalks in order to have them put in the power plant.


Garbage Truck

After Neo dies, he is placed on the back of a machine that carts him off into the machine city.



Crawling over the stalks in the fetus fields are mechanical insects. Some are translucent spiders while others resemble centipedes. Although much smaller than the rest of the machines, the insects are huge for insect standards, nearly fetus-sized. Some of these insects siphon off energy from other machines and have to be picked off. More of these robot bugs live in the machine city, although the ones there are more robotic looking than the fetus stalk ones.


Runners [Matriculated]

A type of machine scout with multiple transformation modes, Runners are named after their function to run over ground instead of the typical hovering that most of the machines use. They can transform into a form that slides along with its head tentacles and uses its legs as arms. They can even swim. If the Runners spot rebels, they can drop off a tracking device that alerts the nearest sentinels. Alexa, a member of a small band of rebels on the surface, led two Runners to the base so they could be converted to the side of humans. One Runner was killed by their guard robot, but the other Runner killed the guard. Alexa then blasted by a plasma rifle. They then plugged the Runner into their dreamscape where it was converted to serve humans. It was lost in thought when the sentinels attacked the base. When it finally reacted, everyone and everything was dead except for Alexa who was knocked out. The Runner hooked her and itself into the dreamscape where Alexa panicked and died.



Known as Squiddies to the rebels, Sentinels are machines designed for search and destroy. Sentinels search out rebel ships to swarm them and tear them apart. Rebel ships power down when sentinels are near so they can use an EMP to attack them if the ship is spotted. The sentinels formed an army to wipe out Zion, using Diggers to drill down into the ground. Some sentinels are equipped with bombs, which they can launch at a ship while staying out of EMP range.


Sentinel tow bombs

Small suicide bomber machines, sentinel tow bombs are a new weapon deployed by sentinels to deal with rebel ships. A sentinel out of EMP range holds one, then spins around and lets go, sending it flying towards the ship. It locks on and follows moving vehicles, able to travel through twisting tunnels. The Vigilant and the Nebuchadnezzar were destroyed by tow bombs, and the Logos would have been too if it wasn't the fastest ship in the Zion fleet.


Surface Seekers [The Miller's Tale]

On the surface of the Earth, machines called Surface Seekers hunt for any intruders from Zion. Surface Seekers killed a band of rebels led by Geoffrey on a quest to get grain. Surface Seekers later ruined Geoffrey's wheat farm and killed all of the farmers, including Geoffrey.