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Where did you find some of this stuff?



The Official Matrix Site Much more information is on the official site than you probably realize. The ship name plates from the Ship Log can be found in the Zion Archives, the matrix comics can be found there, and the Hel Club fighters' names are in the stunt interviews for Revolutions.
Enter the Matrix Official Strategy Guide A great source for Reloaded material, the ETM guide contains almost everything found in my Ship Log.
Art of the Matrix One of the best movie art books I've ever seen. Very detailed and includes most of the storyboards. Source used for the machine world information.
Enter the Matrix Transcript Great transcript of the game including not only cut scenes but in-game dialogue as well.
The Matrix Community Home of the Matrix Community Message Board where lots of good discussion takes place as well as the home of the Reloaded and Revolutions transcripts. He has concept art for some of the hover crafts that only appear in the dock scene, revealing the names of the ships Vishnu and Ganesha.



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The Matrix Mania A large Matrix message board.
The Movies Online A database of sites relating to movies and movie series.



Other Questions




Q. Which one is Cain and which one is Abel?

A. See this picture.


Q. How did you find out the names of the rebels from Matriculated?

A. This character model sheet reveals who is who (special thanks to Peter Chung!)


Q. And the kids from Beyond?

A. If you watch the episode in Japanese with English subtitles, the children refer to each other by name.


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