Why Fall is the Best Time to Install New Windows 

Fall is a beautiful season of the year. During this period, the weather gets colder, and the trees change color. This season also provides pleasant breezes without the sleet or snow that winter offers.? 

Unfortunately, you’ll also notice that your house will start to get colder this season. While it’s already expected that your home will get cold during fall, excessive cold can signal that you need to replace your old, drafty windows.? 

Most homeowners think that summer is the ideal time to install new windows. However, the truth is that fall is the best answer. 

Today, we’re going to share several reasons why fall is the best time for a??window installation?project. 

Preparing Your Home for Winter 

The winter season can be harsh if you live in an area with severe weather conditions. Because of this, you will need windows that will prevent the cold air outside and keep the warm air inside your home.? 

If your windows are old, they might allow drafts inside your house. If this is the case, it will make you and your family uncomfortable. In addition, it also results in more heating that will increase your energy bills.? 

The longer you ignore your window replacement in the fall, the colder your house will become. That is why it’s always best to replace your windows during fall to avoid the cold winter season. 


If you’re installing new windows during summer, you will allow hot summer air inside your house since you’ll be having your windows removed. In addition, you’ll also need a skilled professional to properly install windows during summer since the heat can affect the process.? 

According to professionals, 60 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for window installations for your house. So, when can you achieve this temperature? The answer is fall. The fall season lets you and the window installer stay comfortable during the process.? 


If you’re planning to hire a professional window installation team during the summer, you will probably have a hard time. This is because summer is the busiest season for most contractors and professionals.? 

Because of this, you will have to wait several days or weeks for your projects to start.? 

On the other hand, Fall is one of the slowest seasons for contractors. During this period, most of them are free. They might even lower their rates and offer discounts to get several clients during the period. 

Energy Saving 

One of the most vital benefits of replacing windows before winter is energy savings. Always note that the winter season requires higher heating expenses. If you’ve got a leaky and drafty window, it will only increase your heating bill. 

If you install new windows during the fall season, you will prepare your home for winter. It also gives your windows appropriate time to settle in and adjust before the cold months arrive.? 

If you want to enjoy energy savings this winter, you should consider installing new windows in the fall.?You will not regret it. 

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